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Acropolis Why the Acropolis in Athens, Greece is special
The 2400-year-old Acropolis is the symbol of the ancient Greek civilization whose art, literature and zeal for democracy still influence our world today.

Acropolis tips and insights
Best time of day
If you're visiting Greece in the summer, I strongly recommend you arrive at the Acropolis when the gates open (8 a.m.) or in the late afternoon.
The stunning Parthenon (see top-right section of photo) is the star attraction of the Acropolis complex.

Views of Athens

The Acropolis offers stunning views of Athens. One of the best viewpoints is near the Nike Temple.

Other main Acropolis attractions
The main tourism draws include:
Also don't miss the Dionysus and Atticus Theatres. They are not on the outcropping but are carved into its lower slopes.

Location in Greece
Acropolis Map
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