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Why did you create Hillman Wonders?
I created my 2,000-page website to inspire you to see as much of our wonderful world as you can in your lifetime.

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What is your background and credentials?
Click to view: About me and my credentials

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How established is hillmanwonders.com?
Widely read and trusted
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When did you start ranking the wonders of the world?

Personal list
Consensus list
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Are your wonder rankings based on an anyone-can-vote poll?

No, I would never do that.

There is no way to determine accurately the qualifications and impartiality of online voters.

Consider: I am committed to giving you rankings and ratings you can trust. See my Voting Guidelines section later on this page for some of my criteria for being a qualified voter.

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How do you rank the wonders
It is not a one-person's opinion
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Do you have strict voting guidelines?
Yes, very strict ones

Even a researched consensus is meaningless without common voting criteria. That's why I created these guidelines for my voters:

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How selective are your Top 100 and Top 1000 rankings?
Very selective

Our vast world has 100,000 legitimate travel attractions. Just 1% (1000) win a Hillman Wonders medal. The top 100 win my gold medal. The next 100 win my silver medal. The next 800 win my bronze medal.

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Why do you expect people to disagree with some of your medal selections?
It's natural to disagree

The odds against your opinion coinciding exactly with a compilation of this size (100 gold, 100 silver and 800 bronze medal wonders) are a billion to one.

Remember, a consensus is a collective rather than an individual opinion. Each person experiences wonders differently. Ask any two travelers their opinion and you get three answers.

Whatever your opinion, I respect it. I do not wish to change your views. Rather, I want to give you the opportunity to have fun comparing your personal opinion with a reliable, well-researched consensus.

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Why is my favorite travel attraction missing?
It's bound to happen

There is hardly a travel attraction on our planet that isn't someone's favorite. And, with over 100,000 travel attractions on earth, there are going to be a lot of pet choices that don't even make my Top 1000 list.

It's not that the missing favorites are unworthy but that — in the judgment of the researched consensus — there are wonders that are even more compelling on a global perspective. As widely traveled people know, the competition is vast and keen.

One of the essential criteria in ranking a travel wonder is how it compares with other wonders in its genre.
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Why do you keep updating lists?
A travel wonder's ranking can shift, for a number of reasons, including:

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