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Cappadocia Why Cappadocia in Turkey is special
Cappadocia in Turkey has a surreal landscape fashioned by ancient floods and winds that partially eroded a volcanic based plateau. This process created numerous fanciful formations including the conical towers nicknamed fairy chimneys (see photo).

Cappadocia tips and insights
Viewing these fanciful formations inside, up close, and from afar gives you the impression that you are on a far-flung moon.

Dwellings and churches
The Cappadocia rock formations are relatively soft textured. This attribute led to habitation, which peaked in the 10th and 11th centuries.
You can sleep in the rooms
Today, some Cappadocia inns rent the primitive rooms (with modern amenities added). I got a thrill sleeping in one, realizing that it was hollowed out by its earliest inhabitant nearly a thousand years ago.

Cappadocia offers a host of other interesting experiences, including touring the underground city of Derinkuyu. Location in Turkey
Cappadocia Map
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