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Colosseum of Rome

Colosseum of Rome Why the Colosseum of Rome is special
The Colosseum of Rome is truly colossal - it stands 50 meters (165 feet) high and measures 185 meters (600 feet) long. It was large enough to hold 50,000 roaring spectators when it was inaugurated in 80 AD.

Today, it is one of the most dramatic, historic and recognized archaeological monuments on earth.

Colosseum of Rome tips & insights
About my animated picture
The picture on the upper right depicts the wonder in its youth. I drew and superimposed its awning over the Caen model. This illustrates how the Colosseum of Rome appeared when its massive awning was temporarily mounted to shield spectators on raining and hot sunny days.

Condition of today's Colosseum of Rome
The wonder is in a partially ruined state, but it is in remarkable condition when you consider it was built nearly 2000 years ago.

Why the Colosseum was built
The Flavian Roman emperors built the Colosseum of Rome for entertaining their subjects (and to distract their minds from the woes of the time).

Crowd pleasures
There were bloody contests pitting gladiators against gladiators - and against wild beasts. Even naval battles were staged in the Colosseum of Rome (the arena's floor was flooded for those events. Non-martial events were staged, too, including lavish theatrical productions and tamed animal acts.

Popular misconceptions
Hollywood movies reinforced some widespread false impressions about the Colosseum of Rome. Which spelling is correct: Colosseum? Coliseum? Colloseum?
All three are all correct. However, the first two spellings are more widely used.

Location in Italy
Colosseum of Rome Map
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