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Kashmir Valley

Kashmir ValleyWhy Kashmir is special
Kashmir in India is blessed with one of the most beautiful landscapes and waterscapes on our planet.

Kashmir tips & insights
Dal Lake
Kashmir Valley is renowned for its smooth Dal Lake that reflects the surrounding snow-capped mountain peaks.

Mogul Gardens
It is also known for its romantic Mogul Gardens created by emperors for their loves.

Floating market

Another Kashmiri highlight is viewing the floating vegetable and flower markets, which take place in isolated tree-lined canals. This scene - which I will never forget - is best experienced at misty dawn. Everyone is in small boats - the vendors, buyers and you.

Also, let's not forget the adventure of staying on the unique Kashmiri houseboats (see photo). They range from bare-bones to luxury (the prices are so reasonable that even a traveler on a modest budget can enjoy the latter).

Kashmir during peace time is, as an emperor extolled centuries ago, "a paradise on earth".

Unfortunately, present-day civil warfare makes the region dangerous for travelers.

But that will surely someday pass. When it does, make your reservations early because the pent-up demand among travelers craving to visit the Veil of Kashmir is sizeable.

Location in India
Kashmir Valley Map
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