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MatterhornWhy the Matterhorn is special
It is the most distinctive peak in the world, thanks to its dramatic pyramidal shape.

Matterhorn tips & insights
Once deemed unclimbable
The Matterhorn peak was finally scaled in 1865, but at a cost of four lives. Today, the mountain is easier and safer to climb, thanks to permanently embedded pitons. Thousands of climbers challenge the Matterhorn each year and many make it to the top. Still, tragically, deaths continue to occur.

Profile of today’s visitors
It's seasonal:
A binational mountain peak
The Matterhorn is shared by Italy and Switzerland. However, it’s the Swiss side that has the famous face (see photo) and wins the Hillman medal.

Matterhorn measurements
The summit towers 4,478 meters (14,692 feet) high.

Location in Switzerland
Matterhorn Map
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