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Teotihuacan Why Teotihuacan is special
Teotihuacan is an extensive ancient religious complex near Mexico City. Its many architectural marvels include the enormous Pyramid of the Sun (see photo), one of the grandest monuments ever erected.

Pronouncing Teotihuacan

Mysterious origins
Teotihuacan likely  dates back to the  early 2nd century BC
However, little is known about the ancient people who built it a thousand years before the Aztecs came into power and Cortez arrived.

When to come
Middays can be sweltering, so come early or late to avoid the heat (and crowds). And early is preferable to late because thunderstorms occur more frequently in the afternoon.

In the wintertime, the temperature can become nippy and a bit raw.

Getting to Teotihuacan
Near Mexico City
The site is located roughly 50 kilometers (30 miles) northeast of the center  of Mexico City. The trip takes an hour by bus or car.

Teotihuacan's top 3 attractions
Pyramid of the Sun
This is the star tourist attraction of Teotihuacan, the one most tourists come to see.
Pyramid of the Moon
At the far end of the main thoroughfare sits the Pyramid of the Moon.
This striking Quetzalcoatl archaeological attraction is known for its fanciful serpent sculptures.

More Teotihuacan tips & insights
What to wear
Put on comfortable shoes because Teotihuacan is vast. Even exploring just the highlights requires substantial walking.

High altitutde
The high altitude can make step climbing fatiguing.

Teotihuacan is best photographed in the early morning and late afternoon light (for contrasting shadows).

Location map
Teotihuacan Map
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