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Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Why Victoria Falls is special
When the calm flowing waters of the Zambezi River encounter the 1700-meter (1-mile) wide edge of the Victoria Falls gorge on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, they abruptly plunge 100 meters (330 feet) to the bottom. The impact generates soaring mists and thunderous sounds that I could see and hear from great distances.

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More Victoria Falls tips and insights
Which side is best?
For the best rim-level view, visit the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls.

For the best base-level view, walk down the rain-forest footpath on the Zambia side.

For the best overall view, book passage on one of the Zambian or Zimbabwean flight-seeing tours - only then will you appreciate the size of this wonder.

Victoria Falls vs Iguazu Falls
Globetrotters forever debate which is mightier, Victoria Falls or Iguazu Falls in South America. It's virtually a toss up, with a slight edge going to Iguazu Falls. Either way, both are considerably grander than the much smaller Niagara Falls.

Activities at Victoria Falls
Besides viewing the falls from the rims, you walk down to the bases. You can also take a boat tour below the falls or a helicopter sightseeing trip above them.

Official name
The sounds and rising mist of Victoria Falls inspired this wonder's native and official name, Mose oa Tunya, meaning "smoke that thunders".
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